The Philippine Hobie Challenge is the country’s premier extreme sailing event. It is held over a week, with seven days of sailing — two days of inshore races, and five gruelling days of 50 n.mi. inter-island races. Upon arriving at the finish, the competing sailors will have logged 250 nautical miles of tough sailing in the Philippines’ tropical seas, and will have stopped over at least five beautiful islands and perhaps passed by several more.

It is a unique race that is hardly matched by any other regatta in the world, with great thanks to the 7,107 islands that enable the organizers to pick a different route each year.

This year, the 15th Philippine Hobie Challenge continues the tradition of combining the country’s toughest regatta with an amazing island-hopping experience. The chosen route shall test the mettle of sailors as they tackle the seas between Laiya, Verde Island, Puerto Galera, Ambil Island, Corregidor and Nasugbu. The highlight shall be in crossing the Verde Island Passage, a challenging and busy sealane strait that is also known as the “Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity.”



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